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Handmade Bespoke Kitchens


If you are considering a bespoke kitchen, you are therefore aware of the qualities inherent to a uniquely designed and proportioned custom kitchen for your home. At Adam Gibbons, we aim to satisfy your desire for a dream kitchen.

To discuss a kitchen like no other please click here .

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How it all works

During the initial visit to your home, the designer, as well as doing a site survey, will discuss with you at length your vision for your new truly bespoke kitchen. The designer will be able to offer all the knowledge that comes from decades of experience within the trade, of products, ergonomics, styles and trends. The designer will come away with a clear understanding of your wants and needs and will be able to generate conceptual design and layouts which will accompany a quotation for the kitchen.

As soon as the quotation is signed, the work can begin. The fabrication is all carried out in our workshop just outside Bergerac. Here we employ our hard learnt skills (joyfully I might add) to create unique, hand crafted pieces of furniture, that once put together become your dream kitchen.
At an agreed convenient time for yourselves, we install everything you require, this can include cabinet lighting and appliances.

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